The #31Days31Videos challenge!

I am starting 2020 with a challenge. I am calling it #31Days31Videos. This challenge means for everyday in January we will be posting a video on my YouTube channel. We will be following a theme of Javascript (#JavascriptJanuary) for the videos.

The reason I am attempting this challenge is because for the last 4-5 months I haven’t been posting as regularly as I used to on my channel, sometimes I would upload a month apart. I am hoping this challenge with motivate me to produce more content on my channel.

I am not the only one who is attempting this challenge either. Florin Pop is going to attempt the challenge too on his YouTube channel, so make sure you check his attempt as well as subscribe to his channel.

YOU can also be apart of the challenge too. Start a YouTube channel (if you haven’t already) and post everyday in January. For each video you post don’t forget to tweet to me with the hashtag #31Days31Videos.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and follow along on Twitter.